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Perfect Open Prediction - POP
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Perfect Open Prediction - POP Summary

Perfect Open Prediction - POP

The performer displays two decks of cards. He takes the first deck and spreads the cards. He chooses a card at random and places it face up on the table. He then takes the other deck of cards and hands them to the spectator.

The performer now asks the spectator to start dealing their cards out onto the table face up in a pile, but at any point during doing so he asks they pick a card and without looking at it deal it face down instead, so that once done the whole deck will be face up with just a single card face down (the one chosen by the spectator).

This choice is totally random and there's no telling when the spectator will decide they want to stop! As the cards are dealt out the performer stays vigilant for his card, but there's no sign of it- could it be the spectator has picked the exact same card as him?!

Once done the performer takes the pile of cards and checks through them. There is indeed one card face down whilst all the others are face up, and there's no sign of the matching card, it must be the face down one! He turns the deck over and spreads them face down- and there it is! There's one face up card and its the exact same one the performer picked out at the start!

This mind boggling trick is very clever and will be sure to wow your audience!

It works with any standard deck of cards. You receive the special gimmicks behind this trick and an excellent instructional DVD that guides you through the routine, set up and workings.

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 Intermediate - This trick requires some practice to perform, but is not difficult to master.
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