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50s Flyaway Specs Red - Retro Glasses with Rhinestone
You'll be flirting in 1950's style with these Red 50s Specs! Consisting of retro flyaway style false glasses in a lovely red colour with rhinestone decoration! Perfect for 1950's, Rock 'n' Roll and Grease...
50s Greaser Wig - Teddyboy Style
Complete your Greaser or Teddyboy Outfit with this Greaser Wig! Featuring a Black Greaser style quiff wig. Perfect for a variety of 50s and 60s fancy dress outfits. One Size Fits Most Greaser Wig Black...
50s High School Curly Wig - Blonde - Grease Sandy Style
Complete your 1950s Grease outfit with this 50s High School Curly Wig! Featuring a Blonde Curly Wig, clearly styled after the character Sandy from the movie Grease! Perfect for a variety of 50s and 60s...
50's Quiff King Wig - Elvis/Teddy Boy style
Complete your teddy boy or Elvis look. Featuring a black slicked back quiff wig with attached sideburns. Fit for The King himself! Black Quiff wig with Sideburns One Size Fits Most Adult Carnival Item
50s Shades - Pink Lady Style Sunglasses - Pink with Diamante
50's Glasses Pink framed flyaway style glasses with dark lenses. Perfect for 50's Rock 'n' Roll or Grease fancy dress. Diamante effect on corners Not to be used as sunglasses Adult carnival item
50s Shades - Teddy Boy Black Sunglasses - Blues Brothers Style
Get all shook up with these 1950s Rock 'n Roll Sunglasses! Black thick frame sunglasses with metal detail. Perfect for Teddy Boys and early rockers. Also great for 1980s and Blues Brothers fancy dress!...
Bootlace Tie - Cowboy Teddy Boy Neck Tie
Complete your Western Costume with one of these Bootlace Ties! Featuring a Black Lace Tie with Metal Western Brooch Clasp and Lace Tips. Several Brooch designs are available, one will be chosen randomly....
Elvis Headpiece - Teddyboy Style
The King of Rock and Roll has just left the building! Now you can be one of the most iconic music celebrities of the last 100 years- Elvis Presley! Featuring a rubber latex headpiece shaped to resemble...
Elvis Wig - Teddy Boy Style
Complete your Elvis impersonation with this Elvis Wig! Featuring a Black curly Elvis styled wig. Also great for Teddy Boys and 50s Rockers! Fit for The King himself! Elvis Wig - Teddy Boy Style Black Curly...
Elvis Wig with Sideburns - Deluxe
Complete your Elvis impersonation look with this Deluxe Elvis Wig! Featuring a Black Elvis styled wig with attached sideburns. Fit for The King himself! Elvis Wig with Sideburns Black Elvis Styled Wig...
King of Rock N' Roll Costume - Elvis Presley Style
Get all shook up in this King of Rock & Roll Costume! Featuring a White Top with Red & Gold Details, White Flares with Red Sequin Strips, Gold Belt & Red Sequin Scarf. Clearly inspired by the king of rock...