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8 Shot Cap Gun -Plastic Revolver Style
One of the best selling novelties there is, whether it be for kids who want to have fun with it or adults looking to finish off their Fancy Dress outfit! Featuring a transparent plastic revolver style...
Army Bandanna
Army Bandanna Camouflage fabric bandanna. Great for Army dress up. Green, Black and Brown 100 % polyester Adult carnival item.
Army Guy Costume
Be armed and dangerous in this Army Guy Costume! Consisting of a Green Tank Top, Army Camo Trousers and Hat. This costume is just the thing for Armed Forces themed parties, and with such great value is...
Army Headband
Army Headband Camouflage fabric headband Great for Army or Rambo dress up. Green,brown and black. Approx length 57" Adult carnival item.
Army Medal
Army Medal Gold-effect five pointed star design with embossed eagle Great for Army dress up. Navy blue and white ribbon Safety Pin attachment Adult carnival item.
Army/Camouflage Footless Tights
Army/Camouflage Footless Tights Green and black camouflage design footless tights Great for Army dress up. One size fits most - 5'-5'10" 100% nylon Hand wash only - Hang Dry Adult carnival item.
Aviator Kit - Goggles, Hat & Scarf - Steampunk Aviation Style
Get that instant Aviator look or complete your Steampunk costume with this Aviator Kit! Featuring a Black Leather look Helmet, Black Lenseless Goggles & White Scarf. One Size Fits Most. Use the whole kit...
Aviator Sunglasses
Aviators Silver look wire frame with dark lenses Great for Army, Police or 1980's dress up. Provides no UV protection One size fits most Adult carnival item.
Beret - Black
Beret. Black soft fabric beret Great for French or Mime artist dress up 100% polyester One size fits most Adult carnival item
Biggles Flying Helmet
Get ready to take off in this Biggles Flying Helmet! Featuring a rubber latex Biggles style Aviator Helmet with Goggle and strap details. As its made of rubber/latex you can squash it down flat and is...
Brigadier Tash Moustache Grey
Tally Ho! A curled Grey Brigadier style Moustache with adhesive back! Good for completing a costume, murder mysteries or just as a funny novelty! Brigadier Moustache Grey Colour Self Adhesive for Easy...
Bullet Belt
Bullet Belt Can be split and shortened Great for Army or Cowboy dress up 96 Bullets Approx 59" long Adult carnival item.
Captain's Hat - Black Cap
Captain's Cap Peaked black and white cap with gold braid. Ideal for naval dress up. With embroidered badge. Adjustable. Adult carnival item.
Captain's Hat - Deluxe Black Cap
Complete your Captain's Outfit with this Deluxe Captain's Hat. This Deluxe White & Black Captain's Cap features Gold Laurel Embroidery on the Brim and Anchor Badge on Front. Just the thing for Naval Fancy...
Dog Tag - Army Necklace
Dog Tags Embossed metal dog tags Great for Army or Rambo dress up. Approx 17" length on refastenable chain Adult carnival item.
Doughboy Sailor Hat
Dough Boy Hat. White fabric hat Ideal for naval dress up or Popeye 100% cotton. One size. Adult carnival item.
Gas Mask - Latex
Freak out your friends and terrify your neighbours with this Gas Mask! Consists of a half face latex Gas Mask with Clear Eye Lenses. This mask attaches via an elastic strap over the head so the mask will...
Rambo Style Knife
Rambo Style Knife Knife with grey rubber blade Great for Army or Rambo dress up. Black handle. Approx length 11" Adult carnival item.
Sailor Theme Temporary Tattoos
What are temporary tattoos? Many people call them fake tattoos or removable tattoos. A fake tattoo or removable tattoo is applied in a few seconds with water and will usually last for 2-5 days or longer....
Shoulder Holster and Gun
Shoulder Holster and Gun Black leather-effect holster with blue imitation gun Great for Gangster, detective or police. Plastic gun Pistol Adult carnival item.
Spy Mission BB Gun
A popular pocket money toy, this plastic BB handgun has all the fun of a BB Gun but at a more kid friendly level! This blue BB Gun fires standard 6mm size plastic BBs (also available). Comes with a small...
Squadron Leader Tash Moustache Grey/Black
Tally Ho! A Bushy Squadron Leader style Moustache with adhesive back! Good for completing a costume, murder mysteries or just as a funny novelty! Squadron Leader Moustache Grey & Black Colour Self Adhesive...
Tattoo Sleeves - 1 Pair
Now you can get a pair of full tattoo sleeves in a second, with no pain and without braking your wallet! How you say? With Tattoo Sleeves! Made of a similar material to stockings and tights, these material...
Treasure Huntress Thigh Holster Set - Tomb Raider Style
Delve into some Forbidden Tombs with this Twin Thigh Holster Set! Featuring black faux-leather Thigh Holsters & two Blue Pistols. Perfect for dressing up as Lara Croft or The Black Widow. Treasure Huntress...