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8 Shot Cap Gun - Metal Revolver Style
One of the best selling novelties there is, whether it be for kids who want to have fun with it or adults looking to finish off their Fancy Dress outfit! Featuring a metal revolver style cap gun. 8 Shot...
8 Shot Cap Gun -Plastic Revolver Style
One of the best selling novelties there is, whether it be for kids who want to have fun with it or adults looking to finish off their Fancy Dress outfit! Featuring a transparent plastic revolver style...
Adult Gun and Holster
Complete your Western Costume with this Adult Gun & Holster! Featuring a large Adult size Black & Brown revolver-style gun with Black Leather look holster and belt with clip buckle. The belt is adjustable...
Arab Beard - Black
A Black Arab style Beard with adhesive back! Good for completing a costume, murder mysteries or just as a funny novelty! Black Arab Beard Self Adhesive for Easy Attachment! Additional Information: Adult...
Authentic Mexican Poncho
The ultimate in Mexican Fancy Dress- the Authentic Mexican Poncho! This quality Mexican Poncho is actually made in Mexico, and is as good a Poncho as you could expect to get as a Fancy Dress item! Hand...
Aviator Kit - Goggles, Hat & Scarf - Steampunk Aviation Style
Get that instant Aviator look or complete your Steampunk costume with this Aviator Kit! Featuring a Black Leather look Helmet, Black Lenseless Goggles & White Scarf. One Size Fits Most. Use the whole kit...
Beret - Black
Beret. Black soft fabric beret Great for French or Mime artist dress up 100% polyester One size fits most Adult carnival item
Biggles Flying Helmet
Get ready to take off in this Biggles Flying Helmet! Featuring a rubber latex Biggles style Aviator Helmet with Goggle and strap details. As its made of rubber/latex you can squash it down flat and is...
Bobble Hat - Red & White - Where's Wally/Waldo Style
One of the key Where's Wally accessories! This One Size Red and White Bobble Hat is essential for Waldo related Fancy Dress! Suitable for Adults & Children! Where's Wally/Waldo Style Hat Red & White Bobble...
Bootlace Tie - Cowboy Teddy Boy Neck Tie
Complete your Western Costume with one of these Bootlace Ties! Featuring a Black Lace Tie with Metal Western Brooch Clasp and Lace Tips. Several Brooch designs are available, one will be chosen randomly....
Cape - Reversible Black & Red
Become a creature of the night with this Reversible Cape! Featuring a 45" (115cm) long Black & Red Cape with String Tie. The Cape can be worn either way around, with either the Black or the Red on the...
Captain's Hat - Deluxe Black Cap
Complete your Captain's Outfit with this Deluxe Captain's Hat. This Deluxe White & Black Captain's Cap features Gold Laurel Embroidery on the Brim and Anchor Badge on Front. Just the thing for Naval Fancy...
Caribbean Pirate Lady Costume
Plunder some fun in this Caribbean Pirate lady Costume! Featuring a White Off The Shoulder Shirt with attached Brown Waistcoat, stripy double layered Skirt, Red material Belt and Headband. Available in...
Classic French Maid Costume
Clean up real good in this Classic French Maid Costume! Featuring a Black Dress with Frilly White Lace Trim, Frilly White Lace Apron & matching Headpiece! Ideal for dressing as a French maid, Rocky Horror's...
Cossack Beard
A Large Bushy Russian Style Beard & Moustache Self Adhesive Backing - Remove Backing Paper & Press To Face Re-Useable With Spirt Gum Cossack style Moustache & Beard Black Colour Self Adhesive for Easy...
Dark Ninja Costume
Sneak into the party and surprise your friends in this Dark Ninja Costume! Featuring a Black Hooded Top, Trousers, Belt & Mask. Just add a Samurai Sword and Nunchucks to finish off your costume! Available...
Feather Duster
Complete your look with this Feather Duster! This genuine feather duster is just what it says it is! A White Feather Duster on plastic handle. Its not just a fancy dress accessory but a real Feather Duster...
Fez Hat- Tommy Lee Cooper Style
Fez Hat. Red Felt Hat Ideal for Moroccan or Dr Who. Black tassel One size. Adult carnival item.
French Maid Kit - Housemaid - Rocky Horror's Magenta Style
Get historical in a second with this French Maid Kit! This five piece French Maid kit includes Lace Cuffs, Headpiece, Apron & Garter. All you need is a black dress and you can be a French Maid just like...
Funny Bavarian Beer Girl Wig
Funny Bavarian Beer Girl Wig Be the best drinker at Oktoberfest with this blonde pigtailed wig! One size fits most Adult carnival item Unisex Wig
Garlic Garland
The trademark French accessory- the Garlic Garland! This Garlic Garland consists of 14 artificial Garlic Bulbs on a elasticated necklace. Just the thing for dressing up as a Frenchman or Cook! Garlic Garland...
Indian Choker - Native American Necklace
Complete your Indian costume with this Indian Choker! Featuring a Native American style beaded choker. String tie for one size fits most! Just the thing for Western parties! Indian Choker Native American...
Indian Knife With Sheath - Peter Pan Style
Complete your Indian Costume with this Indian Knife & Sheath! Featuring a plastic Indian Dagger with faux Suede & plastic sheath. The Sheath features a belt slot for easy attachment to waist. Ideal for...
Inflatable Parrot - 48cm - Pirate - Hawaiian
Complete your Pirate Costume with this Inflatable Parrot! Featuring a 48cm long Inflatable Parrot in splendid Red, Blue & Yellow colour! It also has a small ball bearing weight inside to balance it out...
King's Crown
Become Royalty for the day with this King's Crown! Featuring a flat packed adjustable plastic King's Crown with Jewel details. The Crown fastens together with holes and notches allowing for some variation...
Lucha Libre - Macho Mexican Wrestler Mask
Get ready for a piledriver in this Macho Wrestler Mask! This full overhead Mexican Wrestler Mask is a one size black mask with Red and Silver Decoration. Great for dressing up as a Wrestler or for use...
Mexican Bride of the Dead Costume
Add a Mexican flourish to your Halloween costume this year with this Mexican Bride of The Dead costume! The costume consists of a white wedding style dress with red rose decor, a red belt sash and matching...
Mexican Gringo Moustache - Black
Mexican Gringo Moustache - Black This self-adhesive big and bushy black moustache is the perfect accessory for any Wild West or Mexican costume! Adult Novelty Item Self Adhesive for Easy Attachment!
Mexican Poncho Costume - Poncho Only
Get set for any Western themed party with this Mexican Poncho! Featuring a striped one size Poncho with tassels. Add a Sombrero, Moustache and Cigar and you will be one tough hombre! Mexican Poncho Costume...
Moustache & Sideburns Set - Black
Get set for the party with this chunky Moustache & Sideburns set! Featuring a set of Black self adhesive Mutton Chop Sideburns with matching Moustache! Just peel off the backs and stick on. Great for completing...
Native Indian Lady Costume
Get tribal with this Native Indian Lady Costume! Featuring a Tan & Brown Indian Dress with Indian Headband & Rope Belt! Several sizes are available. Choose the one you want from the drop down menu. Perfect...
Native Indian Man Costume
Get tribal with this Native Indian Man Costume! Featuring a Tan & Brown Indian Shirt & Trousers with matching Indian Headband & Rope Belt! Available in Medium and Large sizes, choose the one you want from...
Ninja Mask - Plastic
This Ninja Mask is just the thing for dressed up Ninjas! This mask is made from sturdy black plastic with eye slit and sticker decoration. It attaches to the face via a thick elastic strap. One Size Fits...
Ninja Nunchucks
Ninja Nunchucks Gold coloured nunchucks linked with a silver plastic chain Great for Ninja or Samurai dress up Approx length 24" Hollow Adult carnival item
Oktoberfest Austrian Hat - Green
The essential accessory for celebrating Oktoberfest! Featuring a Green Felt Austrian style Hat with Rope & Feather Decoration. Celebrate Oktoberfest in style! Also great for Murder Mysteries, Augustus...
Pirate Bandanna - Skull & Crossbones Design
Complete your Pirate Costume with this Pirate bandanna! Featuring a Black bandanna with Skull & Crossbones Design. The Bandanna will fit almost anyone from children to adults, making it one size fits all!...
Pirate Boot Top Covers
Complete your Pirate look with these Boot Top Covers! Featuring a pair of Black Leather-look Boot Top Covers. Attach over your shoes and lower legs to make it look like you are wearing a pair of boots!...
Pirate Earring - Gold Hoop Earring
Complete your Pirate Costume with this Pirate Earring! Featuring a Gold colour Hoop Earring. The Earring is of the clip-on non-piercing variety for a one size fits all! Pirate Earring Single Gold Hoop...
Pirate Hook - Peter Pan Captain Hook Style
Complete your Pirate Costume with this Pirate's Hook! Featuring a plastic Black & Grey Pirate Hook. The Hook has a handle inside the guard for comfortable holding. Children and Adults can use this accessory...
Pirate Kit
ARRRRGGGHHH!! Pirate Kit! This Pirate Kit includes Black Eye Patch, Gold Hoop Earring, Black Hook On Moustache & Red Bandana. Great for an Instant Pirate look! Pirate Kit Includes Eye Patch, Earring, Clip...
Pirate Moustache
A Black Pirate Moustache with adhesive back! Good for completing a Pirate costume, murder mysteries or just as a fun novelty! Black Pirate Beard Self Adhesive for Easy Attachment! Additional Information:...
Pirate Pistol - Historical Sidearm
Complete your Pirate Costume with this Pirate Pistol! Featuring a 14" Grey & Brown colour Historical Style Pistol. Features working Flintlock and Trigger. Also has a Red Barrel tip so people know its not...
Pirate Telescope - Toy Telescope
Complete your Pirate Costume with this Pirate's Telescope! Featuring a Gold, Brown & Black coloured toy Telescope with Pirate details. It can also be extended just like a real Telescope. Please note however...
Reggae Man Wig - Long Black Jamiacan Rasta Dreadlocks
Complete your look with this Reggae Man Wig! Featuring a wig of long Black Dreadlocks, great for jammin' 'til the break of dawn! Reggae Man Wig Long Black Dreadlock Wig One Size Fits Most Adult Carnival...
Schoolgirl Wig - Black
Schoolgirl Wig Black shoulder length wig with centre parting and pigtails. Suitable for schoolgirl, Wednesday Addams... Synthetic. One size fits most. Adult carnival item.