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Amazing Tricks with a Thumb Tip DVD
Imagine having the power to vanish nearly any small object, in any situation, whenever you want. That's the sort of versatility a Thumb Tip can provide you with. This DVD will teach you 25 different magical...
Basic Card Technique DVD
Learn the sleight-of-hand techniques used to accomplish most of the card magic published in the past century. Richard Kaufman teaches you all the basic sleight-of-hand methods you need to know in order...
Cube & Box - Colour Vision Economy
The performer presents a small card cube with different colours on each side and a plastic box. He hands the cube and box over to a spectator and then turns his back so he can't see them. He asks the spectator...
Russian Roulette DVD
Imagine a trick that is as powerful and exciting for the performer as it is for the spectators. An effect that truly never gets boring. An effect that adds drama and suspense to any act. Imagine an effect...
Silk - 18" Good Night
This splendid printed silk is a great reveal for small parties and performances! This colourful, fine quality 18" Silk features the phrase 'Good Night' in large letters with a design of a tired, yawning...
Silk - 24"
Silks are a classic accessory in the magician's toolkit! This plain 24" sized Silk is best for small to large stage performances where a larger Silk will stand out to your audience compared to a smaller...
Silk - 8" Card Silk
Silks are a classic accessory in the magician's toolkit! This pack contains not one but two special 8" Silks! Both Silks are Green, but one has a plain white card shaped square in the center and the other...
Smokey Magic Gimmick v2
Trevor Duffy's Smokey Magic v2 will give you a literal air of mystery when real smoke materializes from your hands as you perform! Imagine an eerie smoke coming straight from your hands as you show close...
Snapper Puzzle
A friend showed me this trick and it drove me crazy, right in front of my eyes he did it over and over again, then gave it to me to try, But could i do it? I even took it home to try and it drove me crazy...
Spiked Coin
The performer shows a small pot wit holes in, a plastic coin and several plastic 'spikes'. He pops the coin inside the pot, closes the lid and then proceeds to insert the spikes one at a time, seemingly...
You Do Everything
The performer places an envelope on the table and passes a deck of cards to a spectator. The performer has the spectator hide the deck of cards under the table so that nobody can see them. He then asks...