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8 Shot Cap Gun - Metal Revolver Style
One of the best selling novelties there is, whether it be for kids who want to have fun with it or adults looking to finish off their Fancy Dress outfit! Featuring a metal revolver style cap gun. 8 Shot...
8 Shot Cap Gun -Plastic Revolver Style
One of the best selling novelties there is, whether it be for kids who want to have fun with it or adults looking to finish off their Fancy Dress outfit! Featuring a transparent plastic revolver style...
Adult Gun and Holster
Complete your Western Costume with this Adult Gun & Holster! Featuring a large Adult size Black & Brown revolver-style gun with Black Leather look holster and belt with clip buckle. The belt is adjustable...
Axe - Ancient Look
Complete your costume with this ancient looking Axe. Featuring a 27" (69cm) plastic Black & Silver Axe with aged effect. Perfect for dressing up as Vikings, Knights, Zombies and more! Due to size limitations...
Bandit Fencing Sword - Zorro Style
En garde! Save the day with this Fencing style Bandit Sword! Featuring a real 24" (61cm) long Zorro style Fencing Sword. Features a Black Hilt, Gold Hand Guard & Grey Blade. The Blade is made of soft and...
Black Knight Medieval Sword
Black Knight Sword. Sliver coloured plastic imitation sword with black embossed handle Great for Knights, medieval or fairy-tale dress up Approx length 23" No sheath Adult carnival item
Bloody Bleeding Apron
Bleeding Apron White apron with blood-splatter effect. Also includes four artificial bloody-looking weapons. Perfect accessory for any Halloween or butcher costume! One size mosts Adult carnival item
Bloody Machete
The classic Friday 13th murder weapon, this Bloody Machete is a popular Halloween accessory! Featuring a 21" (53cm) long plastic Machete with Blood spatter detail. Whether you are being Jason or Rambo...
Broomstick - Authentic
An iconic Halloween accessory, the Broomstick is one of the most recognisable props for Halloween parties and is suitable for a variety of costumes from Witches to Harry Potter! Featuring a 41" (105cm)...
Bull Whip - Catwoman Indiana Jones Style Bullwhip
This bull whip is handy for a wide variety of fancy dress themes and occasions! This material Bull Whip is 6ft (72") long, and prefect for Indiana Jones, Catwoman, Ring Masters, Cowboys and much more!...
Caveman Club
Complete your Caveman costume with this Caveman Club! Featuring a 21.5" (55cm) plastic Caveman Club. Also handy for monsters and other Halloween themed Fancy Dress! Caveman Club 21.5" Caveman Club Squeaks...
Caveman Monster Bone
Caveman Bone. White plastic imitation bone Great for Caveman or Halloween dress up Approx length 16" Hollow Adult carnival item
Charlie Chaplin Cane - Teacher's Bamboo Cane
An essential accessory for dressing up as everyone's favourite tramp, this Charlie Chaplin style Bamboo cane a light and authentic looking prop. Featuring a real 32" long Bamboo cane with hooked handle....
Clawed Glove - Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street Style
The essential accessory for anyone looking to resemble Freddy Krueger this Halloween! Featuring a right handed clawed glove in the style of the one worn by the famous movie monster in the Nightmare on...
Cowboy Spurs
Complete your Western Costume with these Cowboy Spurs! Featuring a pair of Silver coloured plastic spurs black plastic straps for attaching them to your shoes. The straps have extra holes for adjustable...
Cowboy Twin Gun Holster Set - Child's Size
Complete your Western costume with this twin Gun & Holster Set! Featuring a pair of matching plastic Western Revolvers with Holsters, Sheriff Badge, Bullets & Belt. Everything you need to take it to the...
Dagger & Sheath
Dagger Plastic immitation dagger with jewelled handle. Great for Roman or Medieval dress up Approx. 10" long With black scabbard Adult carnival item
Deluxe Cowboy Belt & Holster
Complete your Cowboy outfit with this Deluxe Cowboy Belt & Holster! Featuring a nice, thick quality, Dark Brown Faux-Leather Cowboy Belt with Separate Holster which can be added to the Belt or left off...
Devil Fork - Large Trident - Collapsible
A popular Halloween accessory, this Devil Fork looks great as part of a Demon or Devil's costume! It's also handy for Greek and Roman fancy dress as a Gladitorial Trident! Featuring a 39.5" (1 metre) Black...
Feather Duster
Complete your look with this Feather Duster! This genuine feather duster is just what it says it is! A White Feather Duster on plastic handle. Its not just a fancy dress accessory but a real Feather Duster...
Fire Axe - Traditional Axe - Wood Effect
Complete your costume with this traditional looking Fire Axe. Featuring a 23" (59cm) plastic Fire Axe with Brown wood effect handle and Grey blade. Perfect for dressing up as Firemen, Lumberjacks & Psychos!...
Indian Bow and Arrow
Complete your Indian Costume with this Archery Set! Featuring a Plastic Bow With Three Sucker Tipped Arrows Load an Arrow through the hole, pull pack on the string and release to really fire the harmless...
Indian Knife With Sheath - Peter Pan Style
Complete your Indian Costume with this Indian Knife & Sheath! Featuring a plastic Indian Dagger with faux Suede & plastic sheath. The Sheath features a belt slot for easy attachment to waist. Ideal for...
Maracas Pair - Assorted Colours - Plastic
Complete your Hawaiian Costume with a set of Maracas! Featuring a pair of plastic Maracas- great for shaking whilst you are doing the Hula! Assorted colours available, colour will be picked at random....
Medieval Sword with Sheath - 2 Colours Available!
Complete your Medieval costume with one of these Medieval Sword & Sheaths! Featuring a 25" (63cm) Plastic Medieval style Sword with matching Sheath. Available in either Silver or Gold. Pick the one you...
Microphone - Glitter
Complete your Pop Star Outfit with one of these Glitter Microphones! Featuring a fake Microphone with Black Handle and Silver Glitter Head Great for Pop Idols, Celebrity & Hollywood Parties! Glitter Microphone...
Ninja Nunchucks
Ninja Nunchucks Gold coloured nunchucks linked with a silver plastic chain Great for Ninja or Samurai dress up Approx length 24" Hollow Adult carnival item
Ninja Warrior Weapon Set - Sword In Sheath With Throwing Stars
Complete your Ninja costume with this Ninja Weapon Set. Featuring a 21.5" (54cm) Ninja Sword with Sheath and two Throwing Stars. Both feature various details including Silver Dragon design. The Throwing...
Pirate Cutlass
Pirate Cutlass. Grey-silver plastic cutlass with gold handle. Great for any pirate fancy dress. Embossed handle. Approx total length 20". Adult carnival item.
Pirate Hook - Peter Pan Captain Hook Style
Complete your Pirate Costume with this Pirate's Hook! Featuring a plastic Black & Grey Pirate Hook. The Hook has a handle inside the guard for comfortable holding. Children and Adults can use this accessory...
Pirate Pistol - Historical Sidearm
Complete your Pirate Costume with this Pirate Pistol! Featuring a 14" Grey & Brown colour Historical Style Pistol. Features working Flintlock and Trigger. Also has a Red Barrel tip so people know its not...
Pirate Sword Aged Effect
Authentic Pirate Sword Plastic sword with decorative handle and embossed design. Great for Caribbean pirates. Deluxe sword. Approx length 20" Adult carnival item.
Pirate Telescope - Toy Telescope
Complete your Pirate Costume with this Pirate's Telescope! Featuring a Gold, Brown & Black coloured toy Telescope with Pirate details. It can also be extended just like a real Telescope. Please note however...
Pixel 8-bit EVA Sword Mine Craft
With popular building block games, it's hard to not be affected by it. Now everyone wants to fight creepers, dig for gold and go exploring. But if you're going exploring, you'll need some protection, you'll...
Potato Spud Gun
A classic pocket money toy! At last the answer to that problem of old potatoes!! Battle it out with your kids for Spud gun supremacy! Retro plastic Spud Gun A great novelty gift and loads of fun for the...
Rambo Style Knife
Rambo Style Knife Knife with grey rubber blade Great for Army or Rambo dress up. Black handle. Approx length 11" Adult carnival item.
Roman Sword
Roman Sword. 'Gladius' style plastic imitation sword. Silver blade with gold grip and embossed brown scabbard Great for Roman or Greek dress up Approx length 19" Belt attachment Adult carnival item
Shoulder Holster and Gun
Shoulder Holster and Gun Black leather-effect holster with blue imitation gun Great for Gangster, detective or police. Plastic gun Pistol Adult carnival item.
Spy Mission BB Gun
A popular pocket money toy, this plastic BB handgun has all the fun of a BB Gun but at a more kid friendly level! This blue BB Gun fires standard 6mm size plastic BBs (also available). Comes with a small...
Theatrical Cane With Silver Ball Handle- Collapsible
Complete your costume with this Theatrical Cane. Featuring a 42" (107cm) Plastic Cane with Ornate Silver Colour Knob. The base also has a cap for extra durability. Great as a Dancing Accessory and for...
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun Blue imitation Tommy Gun with sound effect. Great for Gangster dress up. Approx length 20" Plastic Adult carnival item.
Treasure Huntress Thigh Holster Set - Tomb Raider Style
Delve into some Forbidden Tombs with this Twin Thigh Holster Set! Featuring black faux-leather Thigh Holsters & two Blue Pistols. Perfect for dressing up as Lara Croft or The Black Widow. Treasure Huntress...
Trick Dagger - Retractable Knife
Another popular retro novelty, the disappearing dagger features a small plastic knife with spring loaded retractable blade which slides into the handle as you stab your victim and slides out again when...
Truncheon Black plastic truncheon. Great for Police dress up. Squeaks Approx 13" long Adult carnival item.