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Big Jumbo Ears on Headband
Absolutely hilarious! These realistic and yet super sized ears come on a headband for easy one size attachment and are sure to cause fits of laughter! Jumbo Ears on Headband Each Whopping Lug is Approx....
Black out Tooth Paint
Is your prefect grin spoiling your otherwise awesome Zombie Costume? Well no problem! Tooth Out is a special black paint which you can use to colour your teeth with! Cover up one or two teeth, or even...
Clown Nose - Red Sponge
Complete your Clown Costume with this Sponge Clown Nose! Featuring a Red Sponge Nose that simply slots onto your own nose. Also great for Red Nose Day Celebrations. One Size Fits All. Clown Nose - Red...
Clown Nose - Squeaky Honking - Red Rubber
Complete your Clown Costume with this Squeaky Clown Nose! Featuring a Red Rubber Nose with elastic for easy attachment. Give it a squeeze to make a squeak! Also great for Red Nose Day Celebrations. One...
Elf Ear Tips - Hobbit Pixie Spock Ears
Complete your Spock/Elf/Pixie/Hobbit look with these Pointy Ear Tips! These realistic looking pointy ear tips are flesh coloured and soft. Compatible with Spirit Gum for more secure attachment! High Quality...
Fake Blood Tube - Vampires Zombies Halloween
Satisfy your blood lust. Vampire Blood contains fake blood in a convenient squeeze tube, to complete your predatory creature of the night look. Vampire Blood is non-toxic and water soluble for easy application....
Gory Gash - FX 4" Throat Cut
A professional quality latex prosthetic This pack contains everything you need for a realistic scary scar. Great to place it on the face or throat. Pack includes: Thick prosthetic scab. Liquid Latex. Bloody...
Latex Rubber Skinhead - Uncle Fester Bald Man Head Cap
Latex rubber skinhead Rubber cap to conceal hair Good for Old man, Uncle Fester, Dr Evil etc. 'Swimming cap' style Trims to fit with scissors One size fits most Adult carnival item
Liquid Blood Capsules - Zombie Vampire Makeup
Bite and bleed! These theatrical quality glycerin gel cap Blood Capsules are filled with non-toxic liquid fake blood. Simply place the Blood Capsules between your upper and lower teeth and bite down to...
Make Up Sponge
Make Up Sponge High density sponge for applying water-based face paint. Great for all theatrical make up effects. Adult carnival item
Makeup Kit - Day of The Dead Candy Skull
Get set for Halloween with this Day of The Dead Candy Skull Makeup Kit! Featuring a makeup kit that includes 5 face paint colours with which you can paint yourself a great Candy Skull visage as part of...
Makeup Kit - Vampire
Get that Vampire look instantly with this awesome Vampire Makeup Kit! Featuring a makeup and FX kit that includes all the bits you need for a scary Vampire face! Includes 3x Face Paints (Grey, Dark Brown...
Moles Stick on moles w ith attached hair. Great for Witch, Hillbilly or Old Person make up effects. Three in a pack S elf-adhesive Adult carnival item
Monster Bolts
Monster Bolts Grey plastic bolts on an adjustable wire Perfect for Frankenstein's Monster fancy dress. Adjustable fitting One size fits most Adult carnival item
Pointy Ears - Elf Pixie Spock Hobbit Ears
Pixie Ears Flesh colour pointy elf or pixie ears. Perfect for Spock, pixie, elf or hobbit ears. Fits over whole ear Approx. 5" length Adult carnival item
Snazaroo - Special FX Makeup Kit
Get set for Halloween with this Snazaroo Special FX Kit! This excellent Special FX Kit contains makeup for creating gross wounds, scars, cuts and more. Combine with some Face Paint to really bring your...
Snazaroo - Special FX Wax 18ml
Snazaroo Wax 18ml Special FX sculpting wax. Ideal for creating and moulding injuries, scars, zombie skin and many other special effects. Professional quality; simply apply with fingers or a spatula tool...
Spirit Gum - Makeup Glue - Prosthetic Adhesive
Spirit Gum is an essential piece of kit for anyone looking to make up a disguise! This makeup quality glue is used for sticking false hair, moustaches, noses, ears and other prosthetic effects onto your...
Stick On Wounds - Adhesive Scabs Scars
The easy and popular way to make convincing looking scabs and scars with the minimum of hassle! These Stick on Wounds are easy to use! Each pack contains 12 assorted wounds, scabs and scars. They are self...
Witch Nose
Complete your look with this Witch Nose! This crooked old crone nose is flesh coloured with a big wart! Attached to head via elastic cord. Witch Nose Natural rubber latex Elastic to fit around head One...
Witches Fingers 10 Pack
This popular accessory is great for completing your Halloween outfit! Stick these soft plastic Witches Fingers on the end of your own to give yourself freaky monster hands! Each pack contains 10x Witches...
Zombie Skin - Liquid Latex - Fake Skin
Zombie Skin Liquid Latex to create fake skin, torn skin effects, realistic wounds or 'dead skin'. Great for Halloween or theatrical make up effects. Makeup may be applied under or over Fake Skin Apply...
Zombie Tattoos - Torn Hand - Tattoo & Blood Kit
Complete your terrifying zombie costume with this brilliant and realistic torn hand tattoo! Apply the tattoo just like any other water based transfer, then bring it to life with the included blood! Creates...