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Harley Quinn Inflatable Baseball Bat- Suicide Squad Licensed Product
Inflatable Baseball Bat. Suicide Squads Harley Quinn has this trusty Baseball Bat which goes everywhere she goes. It's blunt but effective, a bit like Harley's quips!!!!! Approx. 30" long Adult carnival...
Inflatable Guitar
Inflatable Guitar Inflatable Guitar available in assorted colours. Perfect for any fancy dress occasion Approx. 99 cm Comes in random colour. Adult carnival item
Inflatable Hammer - 60cm
Have some friend bashing fun with this oversized Inflatable Hammer! Blow up and let the fun begin! Also good as a joke accessory for a builder costume or for your Super Mario vs Donkey Kong fancy dress!...
Inflatable Parrot - 48cm - Pirate - Hawaiian
Complete your Pirate Costume with this Inflatable Parrot! Featuring a 48cm long Inflatable Parrot in splendid Red, Blue & Yellow colour! It also has a small ball bearing weight inside to balance it out...
Inflatable Shark
Inflatable Grey-Silver Shark. Length 90cm when inflated. Great for Hawaiian dress up, beach parties... Easy to inflate. Approx 90cm/24" length. Adult carnival item.
Inflatable Walking/Zimmer Frame
This inflatable walking frame is a great accessory to dress up as an old man or lady. It will also make a fantastic joke birthday present ! As it's inflatable, you can take this out to the pubs and clubs...