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Caveman Club
Complete your Caveman costume with this Caveman Club! Featuring a 21.5" (55cm) plastic Caveman Club. Also handy for monsters and other Halloween themed Fancy Dress! Caveman Club 21.5" Caveman Club Squeaks...
Caveman Monster Bone
Caveman Bone. White plastic imitation bone Great for Caveman or Halloween dress up Approx length 16" Hollow Adult carnival item
Caveman Voodoo Bone Jewellery Set
Bone Jewellery Set Plastic imitation bone jewellery set containing: Necklace, earrings and bracelet Great for Cavegirl/man or Halloween dress up Adjustable tie back necklace Clip-on earrings Elasticated...
Cavewoman Costume
Cavewoman costume Animal print off-the-shoulder dress with matching headband and contrasting belt. Ideal for any prehistoric themed occasion! Costume includes: Dress, belt, headband and armband Available...