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Big Jumbo Ears on Headband
Absolutely hilarious! These realistic and yet super sized ears come on a headband for easy one size attachment and are sure to cause fits of laughter! Jumbo Ears on Headband Each Whopping Lug is Approx....
Bobble Hat - Red & White - Where's Wally/Waldo Style
One of the key Where's Wally accessories! This One Size Red and White Bobble Hat is essential for Waldo related Fancy Dress! Suitable for Adults & Children! Where's Wally/Waldo Style Hat Red & White Bobble...
Cat Kit - Black
Be one sexy kitty with this Cat Kit! Featuring Black ears on headband, tail and bow tie. Just the thing for an easy Cat costume! Also makes a purr-fect accessory for animal & Hallowe'en themed parties!...
Cowboy Twin Gun Holster Set - Child's Size
Complete your Western costume with this twin Gun & Holster Set! Featuring a pair of matching plastic Western Revolvers with Holsters, Sheriff Badge, Bullets & Belt. Everything you need to take it to the...
Fox Kit - Fox Ears & Tail Set
Now you can tell everyone what the Fox really says with this Fox Kit! This Instant Animal Kit features furry Fox Ears on Headband & Tail. The tail has a loop so you can attach it to your belt. A perfect...
King's Crown
Become Royalty for the day with this King's Crown! Featuring a flat packed adjustable plastic King's Crown with Jewel details. The Crown fastens together with holes and notches allowing for some variation...
Mad Hatter Top Hat With Hair - Alice In Wonderland Style
Mad Hatter Hat with orange hair. Patterned green and gold soft top hat with orange ribbon tied around the brim, the brim has a wire insert so it can be bent into shape. This brightly coloured hat also...
Mouse Ears
Mouse Ears Black felt ears on a headband. A perfect accessory for any animal themed party! One size fits most Adult carnival item
Necktie - Schoolboy Stripy Gold & Maroon - Harry Potter Style
Grab one of these Schoolboy Ties for that Back to School look! Featuring a Maroon & Gold coloured stripy Schoolboy Tie. Handily the same colours as Harry Potter's Hogwarts School! This quality tie will...
Nerd Glasses Bottle Bottom Lens Specs
These Nerd Specs have bottle bottom style lenses making your eyes look overly large and freaky! They consist of Black framed glasses with clear plastic lenses with Bottle Bottom lenses to fool and freak...
Pharaoh - Egyptian Headpiece
Egyptian Headpiece Black and Gold Egyptian style headpiece with snake detailing Great for Pharaoh dress up One size fits most Adult carnival item
Red & Black Striped Jumper - Freddy Krueger Style Shirt
One of the must have accessories if you are dressing up as Freddy Krueger this Halloween! Featuring a striped Red & Black Long Sleeved Top. Similar to the one worn by popular movie monster Freddy Krueger...
Snow Princess Costume - Snow White Style
Snow Princess costume A timeless Snow White costume with a blue and yellow velvet and satin effect dress with puffed sleeves. Ideal for any fairy tale occasion! Costume includes: Dress and headpiece Costumes...
Storybook Alice Costume - Alice in Wonderland Style
Travel down the rabbit hole in this Storybook Alice Costume! Featuring a long Blue & White Dress with matching White Apron & Black Headband. Just the thing for Fairy Tale & Fantasy, Alice In Wonderland...
Tiara - Gold
Gold Tiara Gold finish plastic tiara with comb grips. Perfect for princess, queen and fairy dress up, and many other fancy dress occasions! Comb grips fit securely in hair One size fits most adults and...
Tiara - Jewelled
Silver Jewelled Tiara Silver finish plastic tiara with coloured jewel comb grips. Perfect for princess and fairy dress up, and many other fancy dress occasions! Colours and design may vary slightly One...
Urchin Hat - Child's Victorian Flat Cap Hat
Urchin Hat Brown fabric urchin hat Ideal for Victorian dress up or world book day Peak at front One size fits most Adult carnival item
Viking Helmet
Replica Viking Helmet. Golden brown plastic helmet with horns and rivet edge detail. Great for Viking festivals, historical events, parties... Plastic helmet - not suitable for use as protective headgear!...
Where's Wally/Waldo Style Red & White Striped Top - Small Size Shirt
One of the key accessories for Where's Wally, complete your look with this Stripy Red & White Shirt! Featuring a Stripy Red & White Short Sleeved Shirt. Although it says 'Female' on the front of the packet...
Where's Wally/Waldo Style Striped Top - Large Size Shirt
One of the key accessories for Where's Wally, complete your look with this Stripy Red & White Shirt! Featuring a Stripy Red & White Long Sleeved Shirt. Unisex top suitable for Men & Women. It is a larger...
Wizard Boy Glasses - Where's Wally Style
Wizard Boy glasses Black plastic framed round glasses Perfect for Harry Potter. Schoolboy or Where's Wally fancy dress. Clear plastic lens Adult carnival item
Wizard Cloak - Harry Potter Style
Wizard Cloak This Harry Potter inspired costume is perfect for World Book Day. This costume consists of a long sleeved black hooded cloak which is edged in a gold trim and has an embroidered school badge...
Wizard Hat - Gandalf Style
YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! Repel even foul beasts from the depths in one of these Wizard Hats! Featuring a Plain Grey Wizard Hat with wired brim and pointy top. Clearly inspired by Gandalf from The Lord of...
Wizard's Magic Wand - Potter Style
Complete your wizard costume with one of this Magic Wands! Featuring a long brown plastic Wizard's Wand (approx 13" long). It's style is clearly inspired by the wands seen in the Harry Potter movies, making...
Wizard's Scarf - Potter Style
Complete your wizard costume with one of these Potter Style Scarves Featuring a long maroon and yellow striped Wizard's scarf with tassels at each end. (approx 180cm long). It's style is clearly inspired...